Our Story

Projekt Studio Architects Inc.

Beauty beyond aesthetics

We believe that beautiful architecture begins with a close examination of the needs of the people, neighborhoods, and cities we design for. That’s why every project we work on aims to leave a lasting, positive impact on the people and places we affect. From small boutique executions to multi-million-dollar developments, our knowledge, insight, and steadfast belief in the power of functional form empowers our team to take pride in every project we take on.

With over thirty years of combined experience, founders Katherine Sendrowicz and Ben Gaum have developed a wealth of knowledge across the entire architectural process working on a breadth of building types. Most recently during our time working together at Humphreys Partners Architects Canada (HPA), an industry leader in purpose-built rental and student housing design, we have gained valuable experience in the practice and implementation of these specific building typologies. It is our intention to continue this level of knowledge and expertise as the need for purpose-built rental grows both locally and across the country.

We strive to not only create strong, sustainable buildings, but to create architecture that works in its purpose and function. Our detailed knowledge of the North American market allows us to identify trends, patterns and directions in local development and lifestyle. By understanding a person’s lifestyle—and its impact on the surrounding community—our approach is shaped by a fresh and thoughtful perspective on creativity, innovation, and social architecture.

Founded in 2017, PSA offers a full range of services including land planning, schematic designs, construction documents, permit, city process assistance and construction administration. We are built on a model of high quality – low-overhead, that employs a senior-level expertise hands-on approach. When you work with PSA, our experienced principals remain fully engaged and involved throughout the entirety of a project. Our model allows us to work creatively and efficiently while ensuring you have an experienced braintrust throughout the entire life of your project.

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